Beach Box Gin Austarlian Titles Wrap 

Day 2 Saturday the 5th of January With day 1 lost due to the Gale force winds that were forecast, the race committee decided to run with 3 races for Saturday and Sunday to get the event back on schedule. Straight out of the blocks Craig Garmston and his new crew Aaron Hirst won the first 2 races. Craig and Aaron had been virtually unseen as a pair due to sailing further up the bay at Chelsea Yacht Club were not expected to perform at such a high level. Scott Cunningham and Hugo Briggs on the otherhand were the favorites who were reguarly turning up to McCrae and beating Bangers and Louis. In the light conditions where the wind was variable between 7-12 knots and with big holes and wind shifts it was a bit of a lottery.  It would take Scotty Cunningham till the 3rd race to win a race in this snakes and ladders day. Bangers and Loouis sailed consistently to take 3 2nd places.The top 3 were;Garmston/Hirst     6 pointsBancroft/Chapman 6 pointsCunningham/Briggs 7 points

Day 3 Sunday the 6th of JanuaryBetter conditions prevailed today with the breeze more consistent in strength and direction. And there was something for everyone today the 1st race was 10-12knots , the second 12-15knots and the 3rd 15-18knots.  Scaott and Hugo enjoyed the day to go 1-2-1 to be outright leader on 7 points after 6 races. Craig and Aaron again enjoyed the moderate conditions to take 1st in race 5. Bangers and Louis had a day they would rather forget finishing in no better than 3rd place. Adrian Beswick and Jono LeBis had a good day to move into 4th spot overall with a 3rd and a 2nd and were now equal on points with Richie and Lissa.  The event was now back on schedule with 6 races run on days 2 and 3.  

Bugger the Bone was held on the Sunday night with the skippers convincinly beating the crews in the challenge. This must of been because the crews had nothing left in the tank due to working their guts out on the race course.Competitors then enjoyed the sponsors products of Phaedrus Wine, Beach Box Gin and Jetty Road Brewery beer. And they were all looking forward to having a layday on the Monday with many staying back late enjoying the summer night. 

Day 4 Tuesday the 8th of January This would be redemption day for Bangers and Louis sailing in their preferred conditions of 15-20knots they were able to take line honours in both races, but Scott Cunningham and Hugo maintained their consistency to take two 2nds had hold of a 2 point lead going into the final day. 

Day 5 Wednesday the 9th of January It was all up to Scott and Hugo now, what would they bring to the table? Bangers and Louis were not going to lay down, Bangers 9 times National Champ knows how to win, just keep putting pressure on your opponent and see them wilt. And that he did all the way through race 9, both Bangers and Scotty fought a neck and neck race but Scotty and Hugo managed to win race 9 under extreme pressure from Bangers and Louis by half a boat length at full speed almost taking out the finish boat in the process. This win was enough to seal the event for Scott and Hugo after drops they had 21 points with ( 4),3,1,1,2,1,2,2,1,(4) 

Overall Results found at: 

Overall1st Scott Cunningham/ Hugo Briggs2nd Guy/Bancroft/ Louis Chapman3rd Craig Garmston/ Aaron Hirst     

Handicap Results 1st Allen Graham/Nathan Reynolds2nd Ron Kane/David/Cunningham3rd Stephen Miller/ Lauren Bird      


DAY 1 Friday the 4th of January 

Day 1 of sailing was abandoned on the night before due to the high winds forecast with potential gale force winds . What looked like a benign afternoon and a glamour beach day with a slight northerly and 38degrees celsius the South Westerly change came through at 3.00pm and was gusting to 38 knots at the South Channel Isiand.

Thursday the 3rd of January. Ewan Campbell returning after taking Roh Young-deok for a quick spin before the Welcome Dinner. Forecast for the rest of the Regatta is now looking more favourable with 15-18 knots SW forecast for day 2.

                            "THE BEACH BOX GIN" INTERNATIONAL  B14 AUSTRALIAN TITLES 2018/19             SSCBC are the hosting club for this seasons Australian titles. With 17 entries now confirmed boats, will be arriving from NSW, ACT, VIC and Tasmania. There is a buzz about the place with an entrant from Japan Young-deok Roh. Roh is the first Korean/Japnaese to compete Internationaly since the year 2000. He will be skippering a charted boat with Fyn Harding from Tasmania. And another major surprise is the UK entrants Geri and Leaky, in a boat built by the legendary Bangers. They flew in on Sunday the 30th of December and promptly launched from McCrae Yacht Club on their new boat and were impressed with the quality of there purchase. Follow the event at or on the B14 facebook pages as well, 

After two days of frustration the final day came up trumps with blue skies and a steady 8 knots of breeze, initially from ENE but tracking E as the morning wore on. The objective was to get four races to give a total of nine completed for the Gul B14 Championship supported by Bays Brewery and Seavolution. An awkward swell/slop/chop combination made for a challenging day, especially for the crews on the foredeck who were treated to regular cooling irrigation.

Race 6 started with a slight dash of pin end bias. Multiple World and National champion Tim Harrison, now sailing with his wife Anna Marriott, lined up for a trademark port tack start but thought better of it with less than a minute to go. The early leaders all came from the left with Trunky (Kathy Sherratt/Josh Wilce) leading at the top from Harrison/Marriott & Blue Badge (Mike Bees/ Pete Nicholson). On the 2nd beat Tim & Anna hit hard left again to jump into the lead at the top mark. Blue Badge gybed on top of Trunky down the final run to nick 2nd. Championship organiser and Margarita-master Tony Blackmore & crew Super-Meg put together a great race to take 4th from Abacus(Crispin Taylor/Gi Harrill).

Race 7 mixed it up a bit with the Torquay right-hand track is establishing itself. Peter Knight and Alex made the early running, in fact they made all but the very late running when Blue Badge rolled over them on the way into the finish. Tony & Super Meg went one better and took 3rd ahead of Tim & Anna with Simon & Nikki Hadley kicking of a run of top 10 results in 5th.

Race 8 resulted in a general recall at the first attempt, but got away cleanly on the restart. Blue Badge locked into the right hand groove early for another win, with Trunky keeping them honest in second ahead of Brightmile (Mark Watts & Matt Johnson) who were having a bit of a mare with assorted random never-had-that-happen-before spinnaker issues. Peter & Alex (4th) and Tim & Anna (5th) continued good runs to pull themselves up the overall leader board.

This left Blue Badge in the overall winners seat, but not entirely trusting their maths they stayed out for the final race and a last dose of Torbay sunshine.

Race 9 then was to decide the remaining overall places on the leaderboard. Blue Badge, with the pressure off, again hit the right to lead around the top from Trunky and Brightmile (or was it the other way around?) who were having an intra-family battle for 2nd overall. On the 2nd beat the breeze started to soften. Blue Badge appeared to throw the bucket out the back (or possibly had snagged some of the weed which was floating around in some quantity) and fell into the clutches of the chasing fleet. Trunky led around the top but was rolled by Blue Badge on the hoist, with Brightmile 3rd. Blue Badge gybed early on extended a little for another win, just ahead of Trunky. Brightmile had a that's-only-ever-happened-once-before-and-that-was-earlier-today random spinnaker issue and dropped back. Peter & Alex eagerly snapped up 4th place followed by another 5th place for the Hadleys.

All this left Blue Badge as overall winners, followed by Trunky and Brightmile. Steve Hollingsworth & Elliott Holman had a disappointing day to drop to 4th overall ahead of Tim & Anna.



Winners of the 'classic' fleet for pre-Ovington hulls were Alicia Clifford and Charlie Hadley, ahead of Ben Lloyd-King and Jez Page (who unfortunately missed the final 2 races with gear failure) and Patrick Seyler & Stacey Bray.

Best newcomers (attending their first championship) were Mattias Lange and Helge Ludwig all the way from Blankeneser Segal Club in Germany.


The B14 fleet would like to extend a huge vote of thanks to all of Paignton Sailing Club for putting on a great event. Race officers Ian Bullock and James Ripley along with their team did a superb job in some very trying conditions. Jane & Calvin in the kitchen turned out huge quantities of lovely food. Simon & Katie in the bar went above & beyond the call of duty by going out to buy bottles of Sambuca and on request and worked tirelessly well into the night. The beach team led by Arthur made sure we all remembered our tallies, and put a lot of effort into lugging our trolleys up and down the sand to make our life easy.

Overall Results:
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Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 Pts
1st 771 Mike Bees Pete Nicholson Brightlingsea SC 1 -6 -7 4 3 2 1 1 1 13
2nd 78 Kathy Sherratt Josh Wilce Weston SC /Rutland SC 3 5 4 -9 4 3 -6 2 2 23
3rd 797 Mark Watts Matt Johnson Weston SC 6 3 3 1 7 -10 -24 3 7 30
4th 765 Steve Hollingsworth Elliot Holman Restronguet SC 2 7 1 3 -10 7 7 (RET) 10 37
5th 758 Tim Harrison Anna Marriott   -13 4 11 7 -12 1 4 5 6 38
6th 785 Peter Kight Alex Restronguet SC / Torpoint SC 8 8 -12 8 -9 6 2 4 3 39
7th 786 Geraldine Fermor Leaky Fermor   -10 2 2 2 -13 9 8 9 8 40
8th 787 Alan Davis Charlotte horlock Weston SC / Exe SC -12 1 6 -12 2 8 9 6 11 43
9th 764 Tony Blackmore Meg Baker Starcross 7 -12 5 -10 8 4 3 10 9 46
10th 770 Simon Hadley Nikki Hadley Whistable SC 5 10 8 (DPI) 6 -11 5 7 5 46
11th 762 Chrispy Taylor Gi Harrill Starcross SC 4 -11 10 11 1 5 10 8 -13 49
12th 789 Henry Metcalf Jasmine Husband Restronguet SC 9 9 9 6 5 -12 11 -12 4 53
13th 788 Gary Parks Chris Webber Restronguet SC (UFD) 13 14 14 -18 13 12 14 15 95
14th 70 Alicia Clifford Chaelie Hadley Whistable SC 15 14 -16 16 -24 14 13 13 12 97
15th 7 Carl Raynes Guy Raynes   16 -18 15 15 -17 16 17 11 14 104
16th 620 Ben Lloyd-King Jez Page Restronguet SC 11 15 13 13 15 15 23 (DNC) (DNC) 105
17th 723 Patrick Seyler Stacey Bray Porthpean SC -22 -24 17 19 16 17 16 20 16 121
18th 766 Barry Price Adam Kicten Grafham / Hayling SC 19 19 -21 17 14 -24 21 17 17 124
19th 749 Will Rand Q van Meurs Lymington Town SC 20 16 -23 21 -23 21 14 16 18 126
20th 358 Mattias Lange Helge Ludwig Blankeneser Segal Club 18 23 -25 (DNS) 19 18 15 15 19 127
21st 735 Tom Gatehouse Kate Gatehouse Netley SC 14 17 18 20 11 (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC 132
22nd 707 Amir Shamsuddin Al Storer King George 17 -22 20 -22 21 20 19 18 21 136
23rd 694 Alistair Moppett Rory Moppett Bough Beech SC -23 20 19 18 20 -23 18 21 20 136
24th 731 Stewart Hadfield Lewis Kneale Bala SC 21 21 22 23 -25 19 20 22 (DNC) 148
25th 672 Christian Wilms Daniela Alt Eastbourne Sovereign SC (DNF) -25 24 24 22 22 22 19 22 155